Wallpapers You can Prefer Now

Wallpapers You can Prefer Now

The spread of wallpaper in our homes has had fluctuating phases: a lot has depended on the “fashions” and trends in interior design, on the novelties in the field of decoration and painting, on the birth of products with important implementations in terms of materials and build quality.

For sure, wallpaper singapore has never completely disappeared thanks to its unique ability to “know how to furnish” a room or an entire house. If you are planning to furnish your bathroom but have doubts about using wallpaper, our article will provide you with important information and some advice on how to choose the right type.

Wallpaper is “ancient”: the first myth to dispel

Let’s start immediately by saying: forget the wallpaper present in the homes of our grandparents or in old buildings.wallpapersingapore has undergone considerable development in recent years, evolving into a completely safe, resistant and versatile product.

The new generation wallpaper will amaze you with:

  • Colors, textures, decorative effects: the market offers a variety of surprising colors, patterns and textures.
  • “Material” effects: have you ever touched the wallpaper with your hands? Know that thanks to new printing techniques, wallpaper is able to restore new sensations to the touch.
  • Technical features: the new wallpapers are ecological, fireproof, sound-absorbing, lightfast, washable.
  • So the first advice of our staff is to evaluate the wallpaper in a completely new perspective in order to appreciate its characteristics and versatility.

Wallpaper doesn’t let the walls breathe: that’s no longer true

The second myth to dispel concerns the lower breathability of the walls covered with wallpaper, favoring the onset of mold and the birth of fungi.

We can safely say that this is not true for three reasons:

Mold is generated with little ventilation of the room: mold arises mainly because the room is not ventilated and there is no air exchange. Otherwise it cannot be explained why it is also found in houses or rooms where the classic wall “painting” is used and not wallpaper.