Here’s Why The Action-Comedy Emerged As A Hit At The Box Office

Here's Why The Action-Comedy Emerged As A Hit At The Box Office

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Allude Majaka

One great fun watching movie available on Aha right now is AlludaMajaka. Allude Majaka is a movie falling in the Action-Comedy genre and was released long back on the 25th of February in 1995. Produced under the banner of Devi Films banner, the film was directE.V.V.E.V.V. Satyanarayana. The film features the famous and loved faces of Chiranjeevi, Rambha, Ramya Krishnan, KannegantiBrahmanandam, Lakshmi and many others. The length of the movie is 2 hours 41 minutes (161 minutes), the story of which has written by Posani Krishna Murali. The film can also be identified as a story of revenge and the fight against injustice and conspiracies. However, the film has been embodied with comedy, drama and action very well, making it a complete package and a must-watch.


The plot of the story is such that Sitaram, played by Chiranjeevi, is the son of a rich man who was Panchayat head for some decades. Sitaram’s father distributed some of his lands to the needy. However, these lands are stolen by Vasundhara (played by Lakshmi), knowing which the Sitaram’s father kills himself. Sitaram and his sister, Malleshwari (played by Sivaranjini, stage name Ooha), a traditional village girl, falls prey to Vasundhara and Peddaiah’s various conspiracies forcing them to leave the village and shift to the city. Sitaram was gone jail in a fake case of a murder of a police officer from where he runs away to tangle things. However, with the help of Sivarama Krishna (acted by Giribabu), the lawyer and the husband of Vasundhara, Sitaram manages to transform himself N.R.I.into Mr. Toyota, an NRI, to sort out things and take revenge for the injustice that happened to his family. After some drama and various tactics used, Sitaram finally ends up accomplishing his mission, teaching the villains a lifetime lesson and also happens to settle his sister happily. The story reaches an end with good things finally taking place.


On the whole, if you are looking for a movie blended with drama, action and comedy, AlludaMajaka is a perfect choice. It will entertain you with its fantastic screenplay, plot twists, skillful and versatile actors who have very well-done justice to their roles. The movie is worth your time. Do give it a watch only on aha app.